I tend to like silly things – corny jokes, goofy videos, and people acting wacky. I’ve been called immature because of it, but I don’t care! I love to laugh! And why not? Laughing is good for you. Too many people today are uptight and miserable, adhering to a Victorian era image that they think serves them well. I can bet that if they’d lighten up a bit and find some humor, they’d look and feel better.


My friend at work, Melissa, and I are great laughers. We can start laughing over the simplest funny thing and turn it into a stomach cramping, face hurting, eyes crying episode. And after that kind of laughing, we feel great, revitalized and refreshed, ready to keep on working. If you have ever laughed like that, then you know what I mean.


When it comes to funny, I think you have to find your niche, That is, unless you’re like me and think a lot of things are funny. So where can you find laughs? Television shows have always provided comedy. The internet provides many opportunities to find a good laugh. There are videos available, as well as jokes on all kinds of websites, including Facebook. You can find humor about pets, people, places, signs – you name it! There’s an abundance of funny things, so you don’t have to look too far to get a good laugh.


I don’t necessarily like to laugh at other people’s expense, especially if they get injured, but sometimes it’s warranted and it’s rare. Case in point – a friend of mine fell off a small donkey. The fall was bad and required surgery, but her picture on the donkey and her daughter’s hashtags about the fall were hilarious. I’m sorry Dolly!


My latest laughs have come from the video of a man involved in a serious interview on the BBC when his one kid saunters in to the room and up to him as he is talking. Then the baby comes in with her walker and then a women flies in to the room and drags the kids out of the room! Ha! That “oh so serious interview” totally goes out the window! This might not sound funny, but I think you’ll laugh when you see it.


Now even though I’m not a doctor, my prescription for you today is to have a good laugh. Find something funny and let a laugh loose! Your homework for tomorrow is to repeat the prescription. See how you feel!