Reading, It’s The Key!


I can’t remember how old I was when I learned to read, but I think it must have been in first grade starting with the “Dick and Jane” series. (See the picture of the cast of characters!) It looks like it was easy, but when you are learning to read, it’s a challenge.


I absolutely loved to read Highlights magazine. The magazine was colorful and had a variety of stories and activities. The “Hidden Pictures” section and “Goofus and Gallant” were my favorites. Goofus and Gallant were two kids, one of whom was always towing the line and doing the right thing. The other kid was an outlaw! It was great reading, and Highlights was fun to read. Highlights has had staying power; it’s still around today!


And speaking of today, if you aren’t reading to your young children every day, you’re missing the boat. Develop a routine and read to them at bedtime. It’s a calm way to end the day. Reading to them will definitely improve their vocabulary and teach them that reading can be fun. If you’re pressed for time, find a book that’s not a novel!


There will definitely be a pay-off, when your proficient reader easily masters other subjects in school, because, you know, many school subjects depend on reading. It’s the key to doing well in school. Most times, the kids that are good readers have an air of confidence. So help build that confidence in your children and read to them!