Look Forward!

In many ways kids have it right! One way is that they’re always looking forward to something. Something fun or good!

Remember back to when you were a kid, looking forward to things like going on a family vacation, going swimming, seeing the cousins, eating ice cream. Some of those things were very simple, some more involved, but all were worth it.

As adults, we get lost in our day to day routines, to-do lists, obligations and schedules. But imagine if every single day we could find one thing to look forward to? It wouldn’t have to be pricey or there wouldn’t have to be much involved. How about something such as reconnecting with an old friend, taking a walk in nature, going for a ride in the car, playing a game with your kids or grandkids, or even eating ice cream!

Instead of waking up and thinking about all the things that need to get accomplished in the day ahead, how about finding something to look forward to every day. No matter how small it is, find something that will make your day!

Something that you can look forward to in the new year, that has been in the works for a while, is the next Kitt the Kid book! We’ll keep you posted!!