Climbing Trees

As I look around at all the bare trees it reminds me of our tree climbing days on East Chestnut Street. There were a few of us that were avid tree climbers, and only certain trees would do. Our favorite trees were the two mulberries in the alley behind our houses.  These two had just the right branches, spaced out perfectly for climbing.  We could climb up very high, getting a great view of the neighborhood. And because these trees were in the alley, they were in a spot that parents couldn’t see us climbing.  So no telling us to get down.  Plus we had the added bonus of picking and eating those mulberries that grew on the tree. They were a tasty treat!


My Grandmother had a pear tree in her yard.  I remember climbing that tree when we visited her.  It was fun until I ripped my good Sunday coat on a branch.  That was the end of climbing that tree.


I’m not sure if kids even climb trees today. There’s always the risk of a fall. And in today’s world, someone would probably be suing the tree!  Indoor rock climbing at local play arenas has probably taken the place of such outdoor fun.  I suppose that will suffice. But kids today don’t know what they’re missing!