Halloween is right around the corner and I was thinking back to how we went trick-or-treating as kids. We had store-bought costumes with the stiff plastic face masks that made you feel like you were at a spa getting a facial ionic steam. Every year it was a new costume, and unlike clothing, there weren’t any hand me downs in my family. We each got to pick our very own costume.


We went around the neighborhood with friends, going door to door for treats. Most of the neighbors were stocked up with candy and freely opened their doors to us. There were a few people in extended neighborhoods that turned lights out and didn’t answer the door. As a kid, I didn’t understand this. As an adult, I get it. The reasons for not giving out candy could be many, and I’m not one to criticize any one for not participating.


After walking all over our neighborhood and the adjoining ones, we piled in the car, were driven across town for more trick or treating. It was fun, and people were very accommodating. They knew who was and wasn’t from their neighborhood but didn’t care. They were still accommodating.


When we got home, our bags were emptied out on the table, and our treats were inspected. You see, even back then there was fear that someone would slip something in to the candy. As a result, anything home made was discarded, unless we knew who made it. Any candy that was not wrapped was chucked. And apples were a no no because anything could be stuck in them and then ingested.


All in all, we got a lot of candy! We traded and shared with each other. I especially liked the chocolate candy bars, peanut butter cups, sugar babies, pixie sticks, tootsie rolls, and junior mints. The list could go on, but I’ll run out of room!
I don’t remember how long the candy lasted. It probably wasn’t very many days, because when you like candy, have a stockpile, and little self-control when it comes to sugary treats, that stockpile can dwindle fast!


Now, as an adult, I make sure to have several types of treats for the trick or treaters. This year it will be Hershey’s assorted chocolate candy bars, Herr’s potato chip packs, little juice boxes for the youngest kids and some Halloween stickers from the local Dollar Store. There’s a method to my madness…any leftovers will be put to good use!