Look Forward!

In many ways kids have it right! One way is that they’re always looking forward to something. Something fun or good! Remember back to when you were a kid, looking forward to things like going on a family vacation, going swimming, seeing...read more!

Climbing Trees

As I look around at all the bare trees it reminds me of our tree climbing days on East Chestnut Street. There were a few of us that were avid tree climbers, and only certain trees would do. Our favorite trees were the two mulberries in the alley behind...read more!


  Do your kids really want a pet, but you have reservations because you don’t have time to take care of one, you’re away from home most of the day, you don’t have the money, or your kids aren’t ready for one?   Well here’s the next best thing!...read more!

Kids, You Gotta Love Them!

I work at a job where I see kids all day long. No, I’m not a teacher in a school. That was my former profession. I work in an Agency that sees parents and children every weekday. I see the struggle some parents have with their children, and I...read more!


Halloween is right around the corner and I was thinking back to how we went trick-or-treating as kids. We had store-bought costumes with the stiff plastic face masks that made you feel like you were at a spa getting a facial ionic steam. Every...read more!

Keep Moving!

When I hit the snooze button for the second time this morning, I knew that getting out the door on time for work would be a challenge and a rush. As I was scrambling around, running late, feeling tense and stressed, my Parents’ words echoed in my...read more!

Summer and Swimming

  We lived in a neighborhood where backyards met. There were no hedges or fences separating properties at that time. This made for a large, grassy play area for the neighborhood kids. And play we did! We had many a baseball, football and...read more!

Reading, It’s The Key!

  I can’t remember how old I was when I learned to read, but I think it must have been in first grade starting with the “Dick and Jane” series. (See the picture of the cast of characters!) It looks like it was easy, but when you are learning to...read more!


    I tend to like silly things – corny jokes, goofy videos, and people acting wacky. I’ve been called immature because of it, but I don’t care! I love to laugh! And why not? Laughing is good for you. Too many people...read more!

Leaves and the Entrepreneurs

As kids, we were entrepreneurs, always creating businesses to make money.  Our jobs included, but were not limited to, selling flowers, raking leaves, and shoveling snow.  We made the cash and had fun doing it! Today’s kids don’t...read more!